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INTER is an ongoing serialized story told through weekly music and sporadic comics releases.

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Written by Daniel Johnson. Produced by Ogi.

Cover art from the upcoming INTER comic drawn by Rachel Ang.

Presented by Microfome.


released July 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Written By Daniel

Full album storytelling, poetry, escapes into the mind.

New EP 'seeds' available now along with a 40-page book of full-color illustrations and lyrics as poetry.

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[The Spirit/Chorus]

Lift me up
Free my soul
Can't nothing keep me down

[The Spirit]

I am not my body I am not my past
I am not the suit
I am not the act
I am not who you want me to be
I am not an automatic man

I am...


[The Spirit/Chorus]

Lift me up
Free my soul
Can't nothing keep me down

[The Spirit]

I am not to be consumed
My past is not to be resumed
I am not to be caught up in my old ways
I am not here to be viewed
I am celebrated for my own sake
I am not dependent on attention
I am endless
higher than any fence is
more fortified than forty-five temples
I am more than my body
more than meets the eye
more than my mortal life could ever find me
I mean, those diamonds and gold were nice and shiny
and all those lovely people who admired me,
watched me with open eyelids

'cause I am...


But where does that get me?

This space is so empty

At least when I was in a...

when I was still inside my body

the crowds watched me

and in their eyes I'd see

proof that I lived

proof of my gifts, yes...

So what does my freedom

ultimately depend on?

Was it me that willed it?

Or did leaving kill it?

How could I have
even thought to deny the
to claim
the audience's excitement

when they blessed me with ego strokes
and mine was something the size of a cypress tree
knighted by Midas

but when I left my body
I looked back upon how swollen I'd become

How was I so blinded?
All that was on my mind was
how I'd die to be free

Now with no one around to remind me of my power...
is my own voice enough

to lift me up?
Track Name: SUPPLICATION (outro)
These hollow words, they lack true reinforcement
and stand alone as wishful thinking missing action to endorse it
As I float without a concrete thought to grasp, there's no form at all
to block invading memories that keep from moving forward

So even though I finally made it to the place
I sought for nearly a decade, the taste
is bittersweet, the freedom still so anchored down
to something still, beneath.

Ever since I started redirecting fate
and plotting courses for my death defying escapades
I swept away the dust that covered floors
and other messes I had made.

But i'm afraid I can't ignore it—
The way I tested boundries
was by facing them head on
rejecting frames right on their doorstep

Did I not need my chains to define my whole escape?
Did I not breathe and feel a mortal pain to find my strength?

How can I deny
that there was another part of me
some time ago
that for so long was the place where my spirit called a home

It was where my soul existed,
where my self sat, alone
It was where I built this whole life from
and all I owned

It was the sole container of... me
and I wonder,
just as I used to dream of floating
far away from the body I was trapped in—

now that I've detached completely,
will I come to dream of the body?

Will I dream at all
of something more solid?