Abandoned Church

by Written By Daniel

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Produced by Quadrewple
Written by Daniel Johnson

Art: The Lamentation of Christ by Giotto di Bondone (1305)



a 35-year-old man went to a church on the night of july 13th
and asked God what to do
he looked around the pews and he was far from alone
with these disheartened believers
their hands clasped
rosaries wrapped on their hands like a centipede
which is said to be the enemy of the snake
the people pleaded and prayed

"How could you let him free?
This enemy of the state--
Can't you see the mistake?"

he looked over at the stained glass
the 13th station
Jesus taken from the cross--
the lamentation


what if one day my religion came back to me?
and took the weight off
took the weight off

you don't need to take it into your hands
understand--this isn't something you can easily grasp today son


what if they never plastered the face of the killer all over the place
the target--laminated and glossy

vilify the criminal
but highlight the fact that he still survives
his prison is ours--
live with this life

a voice whispered to him
"Nothing you can do to fix it this time"

the man gripped his own rosary piece tight
as it crawled around his wrist wriggling
he walked to the holy water to dip two fingers into the pool
he saw his reflection shifting
as a centipede seed dropped in it
with a ripple that reached out to him
and slowly faded around his face

he felt like he wouldn't make it
couldn't change shit
hand on his waist gripping a gun
he wanted to track the killer down

pull the trigger--erase him like the ripple waves
but he ejected and emptied the clip
dropped the bullets in the water and let them sink

cleaned the pistol out--
his soul an empty holster
his heart an abandoned church
that's full of anger
full of pain
no hope and faith
the hole in things
how could he fill the blank?
how could he chill out?
what kind of alchemist does it take
to reroute the brain's patterns and waves?
after something like this happens

this feeling follows you always now you're stuck with this
the shooter gets away
you can only imagine the things that stick with him til his dying day

but even if you believe in hellfire and damnation
that feeling isn't changing


released October 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Written By Daniel

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