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Written by Daniel Johnson. Produced by Antiq. Microfome 2017.



I see:

refugee seeds
knocking at the border
cries and screams
from the hungry mouths
hunted by regimes

Do you believe what the TV sells you?
The smell of greed reeks,
the stench of the fumes
can't help but creep through
this clean, well-dressed facade,
smile on a face
swearing by the name of God
while anchored by a brainstem
linked to these atrocities

From their lighthouse
tower they watch the seeds—
lost at the middle of the sea,
and the cowards
are swift to wipe the sweat from their brow

“We only add
what the recipe needs
if the contents are perfect,
bolt up the doors,
barricade, hide the fairer shade
from all the criticisms, flaws
in their privileges of law,"
their indifference

Should you be free of persecution
for the skin you're in?

Shake your head
“Que sera,
que sera”


I'm just a drop—
drip in the bucket,
let the tides sort it out,
war until the body count
soars into exorbitant amounts

This military industrial complex remains
too difficult to unpack and watch
all the victims,
you follow intuition
sniff at everything fishy,
the politicians, the lobbyists,
crowded filth in the system
swim around and copulate
create new offspring in the swamps—

maybe I ditch them,
but how do you exist
in this late stage
The paradox

The pipes get more clogged,
try to ignore all the evictions from afar
“That could never happen us!
The pendulum never swings!
The righteous always win!
All the suffering we caused
is buffered by a long history—
we're so far gone from those traditions!

Nothing to see,
look away,
move along...


But what happens
when the remains of what you turned away
wash back to you

and you're finally made
to gaze upon the face
you didn't even try to save

looking at you from the waters
a reflection of yourself
drowning in these ambivalent waves

never forget
this piece of you
forever lost


released February 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Written By Daniel

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