Purple Healing Ray

by Written By Daniel

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Produced by Tepaphone
Written by Daniel Johnson


I open my eyes

"abres los ojos"
my alarm clock whispers

I look down
I'm still inside the same body
the same program
the same old shoddy structure of bones
and oddly arranged organs
and muscles toned

no matter how deep I dive
to find my ghost
it's a losing battle

me versus oxygen
swallowing up as much of my subconscious
as i can

I feel I'm obviously on the same road
that Kusanagi knows so well
trying to expose the shell
trying to change clothes
like i'm Jay-Z and Pharrell--
is that lazy?

I'm looking for the doorway
like the one that led to Malkovich
so I can put my soul in a mold
that fits me so immaculate

but I've seen what they do to those
who get comfy with their self expression--
witch hunts and demolition

...and you wonder why I fuckin hide
tucked inside like a tortoise bumping Portishead--
you should be trying to get money
score this bread--
you're talking like a strung out druggie"

but the only way I'll blow my lungs out
is from speaking this message
keeping them guessing

flip the script--
is that how you really want me?
to come at you hard
my tongue and mouth
is gun powder to guns now

making that magnum cum laude!
making you pay up now!

the reaction to the saccharine
the sweet release peaking at me
at a frequency--hidden
and easily forgettable

we can speak statistics
see if these will get the whole story across--
the margins of the mind
the outlines of the consciousness in chalk
so my speech is my head exploding

in a beautiful ink



released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Written By Daniel

Full album storytelling, poetry, escapes into the mind.

New EP 'seeds' available now along with a 40-page book of full-color illustrations and lyrics as poetry.

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