Rain Chant

by Written By Daniel

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Written by Daniel Johnson and Luke Frazier. Produced by Antiq. Vocals by Daniel Johnson and Luke Frazier.




I prayed for rain in my future it came in sheets
I didn't know it worked so I asked god for receipts
heaven's no return policy told me to wait and see
so I went back to my home and I fell back in routine
I was fifteen, something had flipped though
Dr. Frankenstein had the switch thrown
all I needed was lightning to feed to the machine
give the monster a reason to breathe
I looked to the sky -- not a drip though


rain rain go away
bother someone else's day
cause I would hate to hurt you again

rain rain keep away
death'll find you if you stay
don't play hide and seek
you shouldn't be here when he wins


I picked a pen up like it was a spear, a weapon
to jot the notes on a failed experiment
I started venting all of my thoughts, thinking all of it's lost
I meant it -- "my mental destiny's empty,
cold, lonely and only the ink on this page proves my existence today"
if a single tree disappears in the forest how quick they'd forget
that's a bit morbid but it was hard to ignore it
before I made a single cut, I saw somebody forged a heart
on my bark with two sets of initials, in fact,
they'd been there since I was a little seed
two people came together to make me it's plain to see
watching my thoughts rain out my pen was like deja vu
to the moment of a conception I felt connection to everything
like I was made to do this
every moment had happened so I could view this
and feel new purpose inside of me
my stories have worth, as do yours
I hope you see it



given new life
my future written by Daniel
my mission is judged by God
I don't teach you to fish in sandals
I'm just a voice in the back of your damn skull
graffiti tag on your maxilla tattoo on your mandible
I was not conceived immaculate, no
I'm pieced together from bits of my ancestors
influences and mentors all signed a peace treaty
to form the words that I speak
Bill and Lisa did something different with me

and you can't remove the past from the present
the fiction from the author
the audience the magician the trick
singer the opera the music the instrumental
the roots mixed with libretto
no one's their own Geppetto
no one's in it alone
no one did themselves
knowing that has helped me grow
every poem it came from those around me filling the blanks
so this is my story
as much as it is yours


released September 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Written By Daniel

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